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Half Kernels of Pecans Pecan Pieces

Squirrel Pecans Squirrel Pecans

SOLD OUT!! A 5 pound bag of pecans that have been cracked by wildlife or machinery and could not be processed.  Have good meat in them for feeding your fuzzy friends.

Our Price: $7.00
Texas Pecan Pieces 1 lb. of Large Pecan Pieces

Pecan pieces are separated in the plant into this uniform size which is perfect for pecan pies or other recipes straight from the bag.

Price: $10.95
Sale Price: $8.95

Texas Pecan Pieces 1 lb. of Small Pecan Pieces

Fresh Crop small pecan pieces are ideal for using in your cookie or candy recipes.

Price: $10.95
Sale Price: $8.95

Texas Pecan Pieces 1 lb. of Medium Pecan Pieces

Carefully inspected and packaged. Perfect size for a pecan pie or cake.

Price: $10.95
Texas Pecan Halves 1 lb. of Mammoth Pecan Halves

SOLD OUT!! Our Mammoth pecan halves (having less than 200 Kernels per pound) are truly Mammoth. Large and plump, they will make a statement on a special dessert. Also delicious for a nutritional snack.

Price: $11.95

Texas Pecan Halves 1 lb. of Jumbo Pecan Halves

SOLD OUT -Our Jumbo pecan halves (having 300-350 Kernels per pound) are carefully shelled and inspected to ensure the highest quality. Great for a healthy snack or to decorate a special dessert.

Price: $11.95
Texas Pecan Halves 1 lb. of Extra Large Pecan Halves

Good things come in small packages. That is very true of pecans. These Extra Large pecan kernels (having 350-450 Kernels per pound) are the best tasting of all. Great for snacking or decorating special cakes or cookies.

Price: $11.95

Texas Pecan Pieces Bulk Large Pieces

25 pounds of pieces packed in a poly lined box. Ready for baking or freezing.

Price: $228.75
Sale Price: $195.00
Bulk Mammoth Halves Bulk Mammoth Halves

SOLD OUT!  25 pounds of mammoth halves. Less than 200 per pound.  Packed in poly lined box.

Our Price: $250.00
Texas Pecan Halves Bulk Medium Halves

SOLD OUT!! 25 pounds of Medium halves (300 kernels per pound). Carefully shelled and inspected to insure highest quality.

Price: $250.00