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Texas Pecans Large Pieces at Palestine Texas Pecans Large Pecan Pieces

Fresh Crop CHEYENNE Pecan pieces are separated in the plant into this uniform size which is perfect for pecan pies or other recipes straight from the bag. Packaged in 1 lb. bags.

Price: $13.50
Sale Price: $11.50

Texas Pecans Small Pieces at Palestine Texas Pecans Small Pecan Pieces

FRESH CROP CHEYENNE Small pecan pieces are ideal for using in your cookie or candy recipes. Packaged in 1 lb bags.

Price: $13.50
Sale Price: $11.65

Medim Pecan Halves at Palestine Texas Pecans Pecan Half Kernals

Tasty NEW CROP Pecan Half Kernels. A golden colored pecan carefully shelled and inspected to ensure the highest quality. Great for a healthy snack or to decorate a special dessert. Choose1 Lb. or 5 Lb. bag

Price: $14.50

Texas Pecans Large Pieces in Bulk at Palestine Texas Pecans Bulk Large Pieces

30 pounds of large pecan pieces packed in a poly lined box. Ready for baking or freezing .Not eligable for free Shipping.

Price: $300.00

Medium Pecan Halves in Bulk at Palestine Texas Pecans Bulk Halves

30 pounds of Fancy Grade Cheyenne half kernels. Very plump and tasty. Carefully shelled and inspected to insure highest quality. No free shipping on this item.

Price: $360.00